SOUTHERN FRENCH DELIGHT An unusual conversion of an ancient storage into a lovely guest house

This ancient little storage for agricultural machines was badly renovated about 15 years ago. Neither the style of the region was respected nor were suitable materials chosen.

The new owner and Brussels Interior Designers have put all their efforts into this small but very detailed project to create a stunning, little guest house. Follow the extensive works executed by skilful professionals of the Lot region in the Southwest of France.crayssac works

The entry has been changed and is now facing South and the small village street. An extension for a bathroom was added with handcrafted corner stones. Its walls will be plastered the ancient cottage style way which means an uneven surface is desired. The plaster itself will contain natural pigments. One of the main issues was also to remove the wooden panelling of the pediment which made the house look like a Swiss cottage.




The roof has been adopted to match the region’s style.



The new entry has been made of stone. An old beam found in one of the side buildings has been re-used as a connecting element between the existing part and the new annex.




Voila! The first step has been finished. Follow with us the terrific changes of the building’s garden view as well as – most important – the carefully chosen and most exciting interior design. ;)