Stunning Azulejos from a workshop in Azeitao, Portugal

We have found this very interesting little workshop by pure chance in Portugal. The manager Luis is not only very skilled but also extremely helpful. They do bespoke handmade tiles with motives from the 16th, 17th and 18th century from Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and Dutch. Colours and sizes can be adopted to the client’s requirements. Although the communication was not so easy language wise, we managed to order a beautiful wall panel for a client with 16th century Italian motives. It has come out just wonderfully!
Luis and his team did a great job on it by bringing the brightness of the colours down and make them look really ancient!Azulejos from AzeitaoIMG_4822


Our new reinforcement!

IdaLet us introduce our new Swedish co-worker! Ida Karbin has studied interior design in Florence, Italy. She has worked in both Sweden and Belgium, with projects, both residential and commercial, as well as interior styling for photo shoots. Ida loves to mix antique and modern furniture and she is always looking to find the perfect harmony with different materials and colours in her projects without compromising functionality.


201210_IC_146_BWWe are happy to welcome you to our new blog! Here you will be able to follow us in our work as Interior designers, what is going on in our office, what we are inspired by and exciting events in Brussels and the European Quarter. Brussels is a great city with beautiful architecture and design. It has an international environment were we find lots of inspiration that we would like to share with the readers of our blog.

Brussels Interior Designers started about two years ago by us Heidi Larson and Sonja Koechert and recently Ida Karbin has also started working with us. Our office is located in the very heart of the European quarter and its institutions. Our office reflects the international environment. We are three designers of three different nationalities, the United States/UK, Austria and Sweden and our customers are even more multi-national!

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about our blog, or if you are interested in knowing more about our services. You can always leave a comment in our comments section/blog.

See you again soon / Merci et au-revoir,

Sonja, Heidi & Ida