NEW LOOK FOR ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA – Chamber of Commerce, Brussels

We were asked to give the office of the Austrian Trade Commission in Brussels – ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA – a new look as most parts of the office had been renovated back in the 1990s.

The objective was to create a lighter, modern and welcoming environment, equally for employees and clients. Due to budget constraints, the original plans – taking out existing walls and creating an open space office – could not been realised. However, we still brought in a lot of improvements such as LED lighting, new floors and painting, as well as creating a congenial meeting space.  Office equipment has been hidden by a vertical blind in the Austrian CI colours. The space makes very body happy as it doubles for formal and informal gatherings…

Advantage8 Advantage3

Advantage2  Advantage1 Advantage6

Office furniture by BENE and commercial vinyl flooring by MODULEO.