Meeting Alexander Girard at the Vitra House

Alexander Girard (1907–1993) was one of the most influential textile artists and interior designers of the twentieth century. He created worlds of colourful opulence in which everything was precisely and artfully coordinated, from the smallest details to the big picture. Examples include the Irwin Miller House in Columbus, Indiana (1953; architect Eero Saarinen) and the legendary restaurant La Fonda del Sol (1960) in New York. Girard designed furniture, small objects and fabrics.

The vitra museum, built by Frank Gehry, painted in honour of the Alexander Girard exhibition.
Alexander Girard
Alexander Girard
Girard fabric designs at the Vitra House

He also designed  for Braniff International Airways and collaborated with such designers as Charles & Ray Eames and George Nelson. The exhibition shows the creative universe from which Girard took his inspiration: folk art from all over the world, which the designer collected throughout his life, from Mexico to India..
A selection of 300 objects from his collection is also featured in the exhibition.


Girard Braniff Airlines 1965
Braniff Airlines Design
Girard - Braniff Airlines
Braniff Airlines Design
Girard - Miller House
Irwin Miller House , Columbus, Indiana
Girard - dolls
Girard Dolls Irwin Miller House , Columbus, Indiana
Girard - La Fonde del sol Resto NYC
La Fonda del Sol Restaurant in NYC, 1960