Maison de maƮtre in Brussels

One of our latest projects was a lovely, traditional house in Brussels. The owners wanted a mix of American & Scandinavian design in their interior style. With several children, the demand for convenient storage solutions was important to make the maintenance as easy as possible. We created a a congenial but yet practical home environment, while at the same time honouring the historic architecture of the building.

This is how the sample boards and 3D-drawings, as we always create for our clients, looked like. The boards are a very important tool for us to visualize the final result for our clients.Kitchen Plan smallSome of the elements had to be kept as before, such as part of the kitchen. Dining Room Plan smallIn the dining room we chose stunning paisley patterned wallpaper above the white wooden panels. The pastel green colour matched the wall colours of the kitchen well and created a harmonious whole.Dining Room Sample Board smallThe blend of pastel and natural colours matched well together with the elegant white furniture for a very sophisticated final result!

Stunning Azulejos from a workshop in Azeitao, Portugal

We have found this very interesting little workshop by pure chance in Portugal. The manager Luis is not only very skilled but also extremely helpful. They do bespoke handmade tiles with motives from the 16th, 17th and 18th century from Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and Dutch. Colours and sizes can be adopted to the client’s requirements. Although the communication was not so easy language wise, we managed to order a beautiful wall panel for a client with 16th century Italian motives. It has come out just wonderfully!
Luis and his team did a great job on it by bringing the brightness of the colours down and make them look really ancient!Azulejos from AzeitaoIMG_4822